assistive devices for intellectual disability

Disability Aids Assistive Technology For Handicapped People

Disability Aids Assistive Technology For Handicapped People: There is an innovative and revolutionary style that is sole purpose is to act as helpful cutlery for aged or disabled folks. The concept behind this is often to produce a one-stop resolution for people that could suffer from lack of management among one in all their hands, or people who struggle to use a conventional knife, fork or spoon.

assistive devices for intellectual disability

The revolutionary implement is effectively five in one, tableware that has been designed specifically to assist aid people who could suffer from conditions or diseases like paralysis agates, Hodgkin son’s, Arthritis, stroke, tremors or loss of limb, that forestall them from intake ordinarily. To boot, people who suffer through intake ordinarily, like through intensive pain or fragility also will get pleasure from the feather-light, engineering science style of this innovative new breakthrough in helpful intake technologies.

Disability Aids

Since the product’s launch, it’s helped several thousands of sufferers of sicknesses, aged persons, disabled persons, careers taking care of folks with chronic diseases furthermore as those with loss of arm or hands to assist bring them back to a totally purposeful intake routine.

The product is a five-in-one implement. Providing all of the advantages of ancient cutlery, this extraordinary implement boasts a knife, fork and spoon in a very handy to use engineering science style. To boot, the merchandise conjointly contains a screw high opener and a flip high tin opener. The most plan and principle behind the merchandise is to permit people that cannot eat victimization ancient cutlery, to achieve a way of independence another time.

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Daily Living Aids

As an all-in-one revolutionary knife, fork and spoon, the purchasers of this innovative product area unit ready to get pleasure from a totally freelance intake regime. The look and merchandise is appropriate for all occasions.

assistive TECHNOLOGY for intellectual disability-XBOX

The product is formed from vinyl cyanide hydrocarbon vinyl resin (ABS), that could be a high-strength, high impact, flame resistant and dishwasher safe material. The fabric is extraordinarily sturdy and long lasting, and has allowed America to form the merchandise into one thing which can profit people who want helpful cutlery.

The blade is sharp enough to chop through foods like steaks, and also the spoon is specifically designed to half the cut of meat because the knife cuts through the food. However, the knife is unambiguously positioned removed from feeding a part of the implement so as to forestall contact with the facial space, and significantly the mouth.

Independent Living Aids

The helpful tableware is roughly the dimension and length of a conventional spoon. It’s appropriate for youngsters and is really as safe to use as ancient and traditional knife, fork and spoon. The new implement is patent unfinished among US and Australia with additional country patent applications being processed for international unleash.

No special skills area unit needed to use the implement though it’ll take a number of minutes to regulate to victimization the innovative ‘thumb loop’ handle that provides secure management of the implement while not the requirement to own robust hand closure ability.

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