Dish Network & Directv Deals (CES 2019)

Dish Network & Directv Deals (CES 2019): Dish Network and DirecTV indulge in the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), each year to showcase their new inventions of digital video, entertainment and other advanced technologies. CES 2019 will began on January 6th, 2019 in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronic event is the one of the biggest electronic events in the United States. This awesome electronic event was first held in 1967 in New York and after that it has increased more than ten folds. Electronic vendors from all over the world come to this event to make publicity to their new technology and consumer electronics. Dish Network and DirecTV also take more actions on the platform of Consumer Electronic event to show heir upcoming products and technologies. CES is a major platform to make their new technologies and products that are famous in the world of electronics.

Dish Network & Directv Deals


In the CES 2018, held in Las Vegas, DirecTV had suspense about the plans to launch three 3D channels. As per the infomation, in June 2018, DirecTV had telecasted three 3D channels such as DirecTV Cinema, n3D supported by Panasonic and ESPN 3D. The three channels broadcast video-on-demand, documentaries, movies, sports, music and other programs. It is to be mentioned here that Panasonic is the latest sponsor of DirecTV’s new HD 3D channels. And the 3D channels are mainly applicable with the 3DTVs from Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony. s DirecTV and Panasonic had informed about their contract at the CES 2018 meeting .

DirecTV is well known satellite TV provider and has many versatile things to be informed at the CES, 2019. DirecTV is likely to inform about their broadcasts of the HD DirecTV Tivo DVR, 3D HDTV glasses, new DirecTV DVRs, hardware and many more. Amongst all, the DirecTV Tivo HD DVR is a big one. Customers of DirecTV have been steping forward to have the DVR by early next year. It is to be mentioned here that DirecTV’s forst range of DVRs were all from Tivo. But the relationship was uncomfortable for some reasons between these two companies. But in the year 2017, Tivo and DirecTV informed about an agreement that would deliver the new HD DirecTV Tivo DVR. Apart from this DVR, DirecTV is going to mention the launch a number of other products and technologies in the upcoming Consumer Electronic event.

Directv Deals

Dish Network had demonstrated about their TV Everywhere feature in CES 2018, that would help customers to view TV anywhere at anytime. Dish ‘TV Everywhere’ with Slingbox helps customers to view live TV and DVR recordings on the Internet and home wireless networks. Customers can access TV Everywhere service through Vip 922 Slingloaded HD DVR and the Sling Adapter founded in the year 2018. next to this, Dish Network also presented the Dish Remote Access App that changes an iPhone or iPad Touch into a remote control and customers can control their TVS and DVRs remotely. Another one is Sling Adapter that customers can access from Dish enable customers to watch TV on compatible mobile devices, PCs and laptops. In the CES, Dish Network may introduce a number of new technologies and products with more features and benefits. From the above discussion, we can clearly acess that both DirecTV and Dish Network gave information publically on their upcoming strategies of launching new features and products. The Consumer Electronic show is a great importance to both Dish Network and DirecTV. Even for customers, it is important as they come to know of what different benefits they are going to give on the coming days.

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