GTA 6 Leak, PS4 & PS5 Story

A supposed leak should have betrayed on the text host service Paste bin info to GTA 6 , reports the game magazine Dexerto. Among them would also be information from a Leaker, who has already predicted technical data of the PS5 correctly. The paste bin post has since been removed. GTA 6 Release Date is going to be in 2020.


There, according to Dexerto, the map (“Map”) of Grand Theft Auto 6 is supposed to provide several major cities between which the player will travel. Accordingly, it will take you to the east coast of the USA. There will probably be a reunion with Liberty City (New York) and Vice City (Miami). These venues have already been in GTA 4 and GTA Vice City. With these new features. Game will be the best Grand Theft Auto article suggestions for the next Mega hit with GTA 6, Rockstar Games could create the best Grand Theft Auto ever. We’ll tell you what innovations the developers should consider in their formula for success.Watch now

Leak to the story

There is already some vague information about the story. You should first work your way up as a gangster in Liberty City, join a well-known gang in Miami and then become a drug lord.

Not on PS4, but on the PS5

The leak is further to reveal that game no longer appears for PS4 . The memory of the console is not enough to run the game properly. In any case, there are already rumors that GTA 6 for PS5 and the new Xbox could appear .

Industry insiders and fans expect a GTA 6 release at the earliest end of 2020, but this forecast and the information from the leak are still perceive with skepticism. It is clearly still rumors and rock star GTA 6 has not officially announced.

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